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A Pampering Portrait Session for a Busy Wife, Mother and Businesswoman

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As a photographer, by far the most frequently repeated phrase I hear from women is “I hate having my photo taken”. I know how difficult it can be to persuade women to appreciate their own beauty and to see themselves in a kinder light.

The reality is that the way I see you is always going to be very different from how you see yourself or how you think you look. Very often, a great portrait is about capturing a person’s confidence and inner energy and that comes with making them feel special and fussed over.  It’s difficult to feel glamorous when we’re rushing around getting on with life, and so taking some time out and putting ourselves in the hands of others can be a great morale booster.

I first photographed Berit for a family portrait session when her son was about 11; he’s now 16!  She also recently attended one of my photography workshops. This time round I teamed up with the fabulous Kirstie Smillie and Sophia Wyatt to give Berit a pampering styling and makeup session culminating in a portrait shoot at the wonderful Bar des Arts.

Kirstie supplied some lovely outfits, ranging from casual through to more formal wear, and Sophia worked her magic with some lovely hair and makeup looks that really brought out Berit’s beautiful features, especially her incredible eyes – the way the light catches them in some of the shots is amazing.

Here’s what Berit had to say about her experience:-

Describe your feelings before the actual session

I was a bit apprehensive and a bit nervous actually, mostly because I don’t normally like to be in front of the camera, I am usually the one taking the family photographs!

How did you feel during the session itself?  Was it an enjoyable experience for you?

I had such a fabulous time on the day, oxytocin super charge – you were all so amazing – a pampering day with a difference, having my make-up and hair done beautifully, amazing outfit choices and styling along with some great tips, and dare I say it, I really enjoyed standing in front of the camera. It was brilliant!

What did you think about the final images?

I love the photos, can’t quite believe it is me, but I think what you have captured here is a different side of me for sure that I perhaps should get better acquainted with. 🙂  Thank you so much! 

If any of your friends were considering this, what would you say to them?

Amazing experience! In a relaxed girlfriend like atmosphere you are given the red carpet treatment by three experts; make-up/hair artist, stylist and photographer, and the photos capture the incredible feeling of the day. ‘Me time’ in every sense of the word.
Describe your experience in a sentence.
Awesome feel good factor experience with experts who really know their stuff in making you feel a million dollars and photos to relive the experience again and again!
Thank you Berit for your lovely words – it was a real pleasure to photograph you.
You can find out more about Berit by visiting her website – http://www.positivechangetherapy.co.uk/

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