Women’s Fine Art Couture Portrait Session,Guildford


Meet Charlotte.  In Her Own Words – “Posh Geordie in exile, mum, bibliophile, rusty Classicist.”

Fine Art Portrait Couture 01


Last month I teamed up with hair and makeup artist, Sophia Wyatt, to treat Charlotte to one of my Fine Art Couture Portrait sessions at the Mandolay Hotel.

I know from experience how uneasy most women feel at the mere mention of being photographed, so I wasn’t at all surprised when Charlotte freely admitted to being nervous about doing something that was such a far cry from how she perceives herself.  Though she did add that having seemingly lived in nothing but jeans for a number of years, she was intrigued to see how “the other side of me” was getting on.  For me, this encapsulates what these sessions are all about – showing women that the version they see of themselves in the mirror every day isn’t the only one.  As Charlotte said, on an ordinary morning she’d have been writing, tidying up and playing with her youngest child, so this was definitely a far cry from her usual day.

A Fine Art Couture Portrait Session allows women to escape for a few hours for some precious “me time.” After having their hair and makeup expertly done, they have a portrait session with me and some beautiful images that show them in a completely different light.

It’s fascinating to see how as these sessions unfold, women become more confident in themselves and relax in front of the camera; I certainly saw the transformation in Charlotte when she emerged in that stunning dress and started to enjoy herself.

And what did Charlotte think of the final images and the service? Her first reaction was “Wow! – they’re beautiful!”  She thought the service was “First class from start to finish.  Sophia was really relaxed, loads of fun to work with and very, very patient with me when I got in a flap!  Receiving direction from Anna was fascinating.  I felt listened to and looked after throughout.”

Asked if she would recommend the experience to other women, here’s what she said: “Yes I would! I can see just why many other women would get so much out of this. I would love for them to spend a few hours with Anna and Sophia and some pretty clothes and be made to look the way they look in their dreams. They’d end up with some stunning photos and even more confidence in their own beauty.” Thanks so much for your kind words Charlotte.  And a huge thank you to Sophia for her beautiful work and to Sam Miller of Pixoidmedia who worked really hard on the day to produce an amazing video for us, which will be appearing soon!

If you would like to book a Fine Art Couture Portrait session, then call me direct on 01483 571119 or e-mail me at anna@annasaverimuttu.co.uk



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