Dress for Your Body Shape and Ignore What the Label Says!

What to Wear for Your Photoshoot – Dress for Your Body Shape and Ignore the Label!

So you’ve booked a portrait or boudoir session, and have decided to go on a shopping trip to treat yourself to some new outfits. You visit three shops and try on dresses, tops, trousers and lingerie, and you’re a different size in each shop. Women’s clothes sizes can be so confusing and if you’re a size 14 in one shop and a size 12 in another, it’s not very helpful.  I love the following advice from stylist, Stacy London.

“Don’t be psychologically attached to a number, be it size, weight or age. What you see is what you are. No one is going to reach in and check the size label on your pants … And remember, you’ll be a different size in almost every label you try on. Every designer cuts sizes differently, which makes the numbers meaningless.” Stacy London, Stylist, Presenter & Author of The Truth About Style.”

If it fits well, it’s the right size for you.

The best thing is to pay more attention to your own unique body shape and dress to suit that; as London says, ignore what the label says, and don’t be put off if it turns out that the larger size of a garment fits you better than the smaller one. This is a good rule-of-thumb for when you buy any outfit, whatever the occasion, but it’s something that’s even more important when you’re choosing what to wear for a photoshoot, especially if it’s a boudoir session. In boudoir, lingerie should fit and hug your curves in all the right places, but it should never cut or pinch into your flesh.

It can be tempting to choose a smaller size, but if a garment’s too tight, it will make you look larger than you actually are; as will wearing something that’s loose-fitting and baggy. Clothes that fit you well will flatter you and emphasise all the right bits. I always advise clients to wear something that’s fitted rather than loose for those reasons – a woman’s curves shouldn’t be hidden away under layers of material, they should be highlighted in the right way, using the right outfits, great lighting and good posing.

You can read more about women’s body shapes and dress sizing here on Maggie Semple’s blog

There are five main body types, and they go under a variety of names; get to know which one you are, and pick outfits that are right for you!

Apple – Apples tend to carry most of their weight around their middle.

Pear – Pears carry more weight around their hips, bottom and thighs (which, incidentally, is meant to be healthier!)

Hourglass – Hourglasses have a small waist and fuller bust and hips.

Strawberry or Swimmer’s Body – This body shape resembles an inverted triangle; so you’ll have broader shoulders and your body will narrow down through your waist and hips.

Column or rectangle – More straight-up-and-down, without the nipped-in waist of the hourglass, this is reported to be the most common body shape for women.

And if you’re unsure of what suits you and could do with some advice and guidance, why not book a session with a personal stylist? I have worked with both these ladies, and they are fantastic at helping clients to find the right clothes for any occasion.



Whatever your dress size, it's body shape that counts when it comes to choosing flattering garments, especially for your photoshoot.
Whatever your dress size, it’s body shape that counts when it comes to choosing flattering garments, especially for your photoshoot.

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