Toddler Portrait Photography, Hampshire

I photographed this gorgeous little girl on a spring morning earlier last year. A portrait session with a toddler is always a highly energetic occasion, and she certainly put me through my paces! The location was a photographer’s dream, with lots of flowers and trees and a big field across the road.

I always discuss clothing choices with my clients beforehand so that the outfits complement the location and vice-versa. I thought these were perfect for the day, and together with the backgrounds, the pictures have “spring” written all over them.

Now I know I shouldn’t complain about the fact that the sun was shining, but as any photographer will tell you, bright sunshine can present certain challenges, especially for portraiture. However, I managed to find lots of areas that offered either open shade or beautiful backlighting, and although she kept me on my toes, I think the results were really worth it.  One of my favourites has to be the one of her on the dog’s back – a  spontaneous moment that took me completely by surprise and had me clicking away for dear life before she got bored!  The dog seemed to take it all in his/her stride (not sure if it was a he or a she!)  – I’ve never seen such a laid-back animal.










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