The Boudoir Shoot – 5 Reasons Why Women Postpone

5 Reasons Women Postpone Booking Their Boudoir Shoot

5 Reasons Women Postpone Booking Their Boudoir Shoot

Have you ever thought about booking a boudoir shoot and then decided not to at the last minute? Or maybe you’ve actually found a boudoir photographer whose work you love, have contacted them to tentatively agree a date, and then not taken it further? Well, if you have, I can tell you that you’re not alone. And I also understand why you may be hesitating.

A boudoir shoot is, without doubt, a brilliant way to boost your confidence. But it also requires a certain amount of courage to take the plunge. The difficulty is that to experience that feeling of knowing that you really are an amazing woman who looks incredible, you have to do the one thing that scares you in the first place! And sometimes it just feels safer to stay with the status quo. After all, surely you of all people know what you look like with all your perceived “flaws” and “imperfections”? You’ve never yet seen a great photo of yourself, so what reason is there to believe that a boudoir photographer can make you look any different?

Have You Ever Said Any of The Following?

Here are the most common reasons why women put off booking a boudoir shoot, even though they may realise that it will boost their confidence and make them look and feel fabulous.

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1. “I Need to Lose Weight.”

This is, without doubt, the number 1 reason that lots of boudoir shoots are postponed indefinitely, while women await that magical day when they’ve lost x number of pounds. But guess what? You are perfect now. You don’t have to wait, and if you do, you risk letting this amazing opportunity pass you by. If you’re convinced that you can never look great in photos, then read this post.

If you’re worrying that a boudoir shoot will reveal all those bits of yourself that you’re not so keen on, remember that boudoir photographers know how to light and pose women’s bodies with care and expertise. It’s not about getting you to reveal any parts of yourself that you’d prefer to hide; boudoir photography is about enhancing each woman’s individual beauty. And don’t forget that if you’ve only ever seen yourself in a snapshot, you truly have no idea just how beautiful you actually are.

2. “I’m Not a Model and I Don’t Know How to Pose for the Camera.”

Well, why should you? I only photograph real women, not models, and I wouldn’t expect any of them to know how to pose. Let’s get this clear – it is not your responsibility to know how to pose for the camera; it’s your photographer’s job to direct you so that you know exactly what to do and are never left feeling at a loss. When women come to me to be photographed, the last thing I expect when they step in front of my lens is for them to start posing confidently like a model. That’s why professional portrait and boudoir photographers invest in training which teaches them how to pose and light faces and bodies – it’s a real art and not something that happens by accident.

5 Reasons Women Postpone Booking Their Boudoir Shoot

3. “I Don’t Feel Ready Yet – Maybe Next Year.”

Yes, there’s always next year, or the year after that, or the year after that. And you know what? When it gets to next year, you won’t feel any more ready than you do now. Because that’s the secret of procrastination – we put something off and fool ourselves that it’s because we’ll be so much better prepared in 6 or 12 months’ time. But that’s very rarely ever the case. The months roll by and a year later, we still haven’t got any further with our decision.

5 Reasons Women Postpone Booking Their Boudoir Shoot

4. “I Haven’t Got Time Right Now.”

We all lead busy lives and it can feel like a constant battle to fit everything in to our daily schedules. But when was the last time you made time just for you? There’ll always be something that’s clamouring for our time and attention.

5. “I Feel too Nervous.”

The only way to deal with the nervous feeling is to do the thing that scares you. And believe me, once you meet us and are having your hair and makeup done and sipping a cup of tea, the nerves will evaporate. I work with some lovely female hair and makeup artists; not only are they great at what they do, but they are wonderful at making women feel relaxed and comfortable.

5 Reasons Women Postpone Booking Their Boudoir Shoot
Any Nerves Will Evaporate Once You’re Having Your Hair & Makeup Done

If you’re still sitting on the fence but feel that you would love to have this done, then as a first step why not download my free Guide to Boudoir which has answers to many of the questions that women ask? Or you can call me for a no-obligation chat on 01483 571119.


I am a professional portrait photographer based in Guildford. I offer women a luxury pampering hair, makeup and contemporary portrait session at a discreet location in the centre of Guildford.

My aim is to create stunning images of my clients that will help them to see themselves in a different light.

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