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Building Trust in Your Business by Showing Clients What You Do

If you’re a business that sells either a service or a product, another way of demonstrating your skills to your clients is by using a series of photographs that show you “in action” so to speak. For instance, you could be photographed interacting with a client or carrying out some other key aspect of your job; these images will help a prospective user to build up a picture of you which can be enhanced by some more formal portraits elsewhere on your website or social media pages.  Everyone loves a peek behind the scenes of a business – it helps to build trust and familiarity, and it’s something I’m planning on including on my own website (which is currently in the process of being completely revamped!)

The photos I took recently for Sharon Jackson, who runs UCan Training, were aimed at complementing the business headshots I’d already done for her earlier.  Sharon’s business is all about helping individuals and organisations to achieve their goals and aspirations through the use of specific techniques such as NLP.  It’s therefore very much about people, and building trust and rapport with them.

Sharon suggested that it would be useful if we met up with a client of hers and that I photograph them during an actual 1-to-1 coaching session.  The venue was Blacknest Golf Club, just outside Farnham, and we got together in their airy dining area on a very wet morning.

The most important things to consider during this session were the background to the shot, the lighting, and achieving a variety of different angles.  Apart from that, I didn’t give them any directions, other than not to look at me.  We added a few props just to make the foreground look more interesting and realistic, and then Sharon and Clare began their session.  I think the images really help to show what Sharon does and how she reacts to and listens to her clients.  I’m really pleased that one of them is now featured on the homepage of her website!

1-to-1 business coaching session


1-to-1 business coaching session with two businesswomen


1-to-1 coaching session with two businesswomen


1-to-1 coaching session with 2 businesswomen


1-to-1 coaching session with 2 businesswomen


1-to-1 coaching session with 2 businesswomen


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