Professor Brian Cox – Event Photography, London

On Tuesday evening I was in London to photograph Professor Brian Cox delivering the 7th John Collier Memorial Lecture and receiving the John Collier medal, awarded in recognition of his work in promoting science to the public.

The free event was organised by the Institution of Chemical Engineers and held at the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Needless to say, the lecture theatre was packed with people of all ages.

In his talk, he spoke very eloquently about the importance of scientific exploration and the value of higher education, and even though I was scurrying around at the front, concentrating first and foremost on getting my shots without being too obtrusive, it was fascinating to hear what he had to say (although my understanding of quarks and neutrinos is still woefully lacking, to say the least – physics was never my best subject.)

As you can see from these shots, he was a very animated speaker and at the end, he did momentarily disappear from sight in a sea of fans, all wanting autographs and photos.









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