Portrait Photography for Women, Guildford, Surrey


Portrait Photography for Women, Guildford, Surrey

Meet Elizabeth, a professional headhunter and mother of “4 amazing children all of whom are hugely talented, successful and beautiful”.  Elizabeth entered my International Women’s Day competition back in March and was one of two lucky winners of a hair, makeup and Couture Portrait session with me.

For most women, the thought of being photographed is not something that they relish – in fact many of them will go out of their way to avoid appearing in front of a camera! I think this is a real shame; being photographed need not be an intimidating or disheartening experience. It’s all about confidence, lighting and posing, and if you think you never look good in photos, it has so much more to do with the quality of the photography than it does with you and how you really look.

Needless to say Elizabeth was just as nervous as anyone else, but at the same time, in our various chats over the phone, she also said how much she was looking forward to the experience. She had just come out of hospital after a series of unfortunate hip problems, so wasn’t feeling her best and generally was in need of a boost.

I’d asked her to bring along a selection of favourite outfits and to include some colourful items too: I was so pleased with what she brought as I knew that those striking pinks and turquoises would really suit her. The first step was to get her hair and makeup done, and Sarah Stacey did a fantastic job as usual, creating a lovely natural but elegant look that perfectly complemented Elizabeth’s beautiful eyes and that fantastic smile.

I think you’ll agree that Elizabeth looks amazing in these images, which are some of my favourites from the session. As part of her prize she also received a beautiful mounted print of her choice and a digital version too, so that she can print off extra copies.

Here’s what Elizabeth had to say about her experience and the images:

“Recently, despite always being fit and healthy my hips have given up and I had both replaced, one twice, and after 15 dislocations it looks like another operation. So when I attended the session I was feeling dreadful and didn’t think for one second that I could look human, never mind “nice”. 

The day was lovely – Sarah the makeup artist was clearly very experienced and it was all very relaxed and not intimidating at all. Anna was a fantastic director and great at choosing which of my clothes would be best both in style and colour.

The most remarkable part was viewing the photos – I didn’t just look human but Anna managed to bring out the old me, the person inside that has been anaesthetised for the last 3 years, and I could even see the little girl in the photo my mum gave me for Christmas of when I was 3.  I would thoroughly recommend Anna whether you need a professional shoot, a cheer up, some memorable photos for a special occasion or just a pamper – do give her a call.”

If you would like to treat yourself or someone special to a fabulous and memorable experience with a set of images to cherish, then do get in touch – anna@annasaverimuttu.co.uk t: 01483 571119.  Don’t let your fear of being in front of the camera stop you from seeing yourself in a different light.

Hair & makeup by Sarah Stacey
Elizabeth having her hair and makeup done by Sarah Stacey

Hair & makeup by Sarah Stacey

Makeover photography for women Guildford Surrey
Looking radiant and beautiful in the first of her outfits.


Headshot photography for women Guildford Surrey

I love the colours in these shots.
I love the colours in these shots.

Fine art portrait photography for women of all ages




Elizabeth's print box and personalised USB drive, all ready to be posted!
Elizabeth’s print box and personalised USB drive, all ready to be posted!







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