Professional Portraits for Women, Guildford

Portrait Photographer, Surrey

A Couture Portrait Session in Guildford

The best part of my job as a portrait photographer is making women feel happy and confident in their own skin. All too often the first thing they say to me is “I hate having my photograph taken”; this is followed closely by “I never look good in photos.” Feeling good in front of the camera is all about confidence. Looking good in front of the camera is all about trusting the judgement of the experts who know how to enhance your best features and light and pose you properly; it’s also about ignoring that little voice inside your head that tells you you’re not good enough – yes you are.

This was such a lovely session and my client had brought in 3 very different outfits – one was for her LinkedIn profile and the other two were gorgeous dresses because she wanted some glamorous portraits to make her feel special. I especially loved the bright yellow one – it was such a cheerful colour on a dull day!

I worked with hair and makeup artist, Sophia Wyatt, who created a lovely look, with beautiful lips and eyes and a sleek bob.

As you can see she looks amazing, and she sent me the loveliest testimonial which you can read below:

Portrait photographer Surrey
A lovely smokey-eyed look created by Sophia Wyatt.
Portrait photographer, Surrey
I love a pop of colour and this yellow dress is stunning!
Professional portrait photography Guildford, Surrey
Looking polished and professional for business.

“Anna is one of those amazing people who made me feel comfortable from the first moment I met her. From the first consultation to the big day, she kept me calm and put me at ease during the entire process.  I am body conscious and was nervous at the prospect of having any photos taken, but Anna directed each move and image so thoroughly that I needn’t have worried. From the pampering to the pictures Anna was calm and reassuring, and she made me feel beautiful. I am thrilled with the final result, as she captured something in me I did not even realise was there.”





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