Photography Workshops for Beginners, Guildford, Surrey

Last Saturday I ran my autumn photography workshop for beginners at Bar des Arts in Guildford.  The session was fully booked, with 8 enthusiastic attendees all eager to learn how to take control of their cameras and make the most of them.  As I pointed out at the start, if you own a lovely digital SLR camera and you’re shooting on Auto, then you’re wasting about 99% of its potential, and might just as well have bought yourself a little point-and-shoot.

There were a few apprehensive looks when I got them to take their cameras off the Auto setting, but it was great to see them gaining in confidence and finally crossing the biggest hurdle and starting to shoot in Manual mode.  One person commented that the best way to learn is by actually doing these things, rather than having to wade through a chunky manual of instructions; I think we all agreed that those manuals are completely off-putting and the photos used to illustrate them are certainly not calculated to be inspiring.

Here are a few shots of everyone at the end as they completed their feedback forms, and below are some of their lovely comments.  I will be running another workshop on Saturday, 19th October at the same venue, so if you fancy getting on more friendly terms with your DSLR, why not come along?

Photography workshop for beginners in Guildford Surrey


Photography workshop for beginners Guildford Surrey


“It has been really rewarding. Can’t thank you enough. Excellent, really good step-by-step approach and not too fast.”

“I learned a huge amount today and now feel more confident to move to manual. The materials were great and easy to follow.”

“I have learned a lot. From knowing nothing about my camera, I feel much more confident to start using the different functions. The course was simple and easy to follow, and very informative at the same time.”

“It helped me understand why I get the results I do! Very good – clear and concise.”

“Brilliant. I learned a great deal today and will now be able to use the manual setting.”

“I feel that I can now try to take the picture I see but didn’t know how to capture.  It has made me braver.  The engaging explanations of real images made a huge difference.”

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