My work covers two different areas of photography  – corporate portraits and family portraits.   So in the week, I might find myself photographing lawyers, accountants, business owners and company directors, while the weekends are just as likely to find me acting as a children’s entertainer as I photograph children of all ages, from a few weeks old upwards.  People ask me who is more challenging to photograph, but I think I’d best maintain a discreet silence on that point!

I’m an on-location photographer as opposed to a studio photographer. This means that for corporate clients, I will either travel to their offices where I will set up my lighting in a suitable area or, for small businesses and sole traders, I will photograph them outdoors.

With the exception of very tiny babies, my family portrait sessions mostly take place outdoors, although we may start off with some shots in the family home. Being a baby and family portrait photographer in Surrey means that there’s no shortage of great places that can be used.  The variety of backgrounds, combined with the fact that children feel much more relaxed out of doors, makes for a far better experience than a standard “one size fits all” studio session against a plain backdrop.  Of course, living in the UK also means that I am constantly checking the weather forecast before a session!


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