International Women’s Day – 8th March

Win 1 of 2 Hair, Makeup & Portrait Experiences and Help Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Win a Hair, Makeup & Portrait Experience to Celebrate International Women's Day


This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day, I am running a very special competition. Working with two lovely and highly talented makeup artists, Sophia Wyatt and Sarah Stacey, I am offering two lucky women the chance to experience one of my Couture Portrait sessions for themselves.

The subject of women and self-esteem is one that is very important to me as a portrait photographer: I hear far too many women belittle and criticise their appearance, sometimes in the most minute detail. If I compliment a woman on her appearance, the reaction is very often one of doubt and disbelief, and it’s well-nigh impossible to change the view that she has of herself; until now, that is.

When a woman comes to me for a Couture Portrait experience, she is putting herself in the hands of the experts. She’s not just receiving a cursory “snap” of herself; for a start, it’s a chance for her to escape from the daily routines of life, whether that be running a business, commuting to work, looking after the children or any other of the hundred and one things we seem to find ourselves doing these days. With a professional hair and makeup artist on hand to enhance her features, by the time she steps in front of the camera, her confidence will be far greater than when she first walked into the room.

Chances are that her experience of being photographed will also be completely different to her expectations. I direct and help pose my clients very carefully, so they’re never at a loss as to how to sit, stand etc, or in any doubt as to whether they should smile. I want women to feel reassured and confident in front of the camera, and I know that it’s not just a question of expecting them to know what to do.

So if you have never been happy with the way you look in photos, don’t forget that it’s not about you, it’s about the photo and whether you felt confident and prepared when facing the camera.

ENTER NOW and change the way you see yourself. The competition ends at midnight on Saturday, 7th March, so get your entries in now. Simply click on the Win a Session tab on the homepage of my website and fill in your details.



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