How to Look Great for Your Business Headshot

How to Look Great for Your Business Headshot

One of the most important conversations I have with my clients before they book a business headshot session with me concerns what they should wear.  I’ve photographed thousands of people over the past 22 years and have seen them turn up in all manner of outfits, and not always the most suitable; from checks mixed with stripes and spots to strappy summer dresses, baggy jackets and droopy cosy cardigans, I’ve seen them all. But what may look appropriate for a night out, a day on the beach or a morning’s shopping won’t necessarily translate that well when worn for a business headshot.

Choose Your Outfits Well

This is why we always discuss outfit choices in great detail and I send all my clients an in-depth guide as to what works and what doesn’t work in terms of clothing for business headshots. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I think everyone should turn up for their portraits in a formal suit – sometimes clients don’t work in the type of business that demands a very corporate look. However, there are still certain “rules” that can make the difference between conveying the right or wrong impression. So here are a couple of tips for ensuring that you’ll look your best.

Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Colour

Looking professional doesn’t mean you have to stick to sober colours, and yet so many professional women I meet wear black suits: black can look great, but it does need to be worn with care, otherwise it can be very draining, especially when worn near the face. If you must wear black, my advice is to always ensure that you combine a black jacket with a brightly coloured top – the contrast will help to lighten the whole effect. Black-on-black on the other hand can make you look wider than you actually are because it creates a solid block of colour with no definition.

Alternatively, a coloured scarf (as long as it’s not too large) or some jewellery can help to break up what the camera will see as a large dark expanse.

If you’re in the type of business that doesn’t demand a suit, why not choose a top or a dress in a striking shade, like this client whom I photographed recently? I love the different blues which enhance and bring out the colour of her eyes. And the olive green blouse complements her hair colour beautifully.

professional natural light headshots of businesswoman

professional natural light headshots of businesswoman

Avoid Busy Prints 

I’m a big fan of prints, but not for business portraits. Plain, solid colours have far more impact without drawing the eye away from your face; the last thing you want when someone’s viewing your profile on, say, LinkedIn is for them to be distracted by the pattern on your shirt or dress. Outfits should complement your appearance and not compete for attention with your face.

I love helping women to look their best and feel confident in front of the camera, so if you’re thinking of updating your business headshot, then why not give me a call on 01483 571119 or email me at We can have a chat about the options available and what’s involved, and there’s no obligation to book.

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