Family Portrait Photography, Guildford, Surrey

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons for family portrait photography, especially in and around Guildford and the Surrey countryside.  The temperatures are still bearable enough for everyone not to have to wear too many layers, the light is amazing and much easier to work with than at the height of summer, and the colours of the foliage make the perfect backdrop.

This was such a lovely session; while big sister was busy looking for treasure, her baby brother was perfectly content either being carried or sitting on the ground and watching the world go by.  I even managed to photograph the two of them together, which can be quite tricky sometimes!

After wandering through the trees, we stopped off at a little shelter which created the most beautiful lighting effects.  I just love the colours in these photos, especially her gorgeous hair and his lovely eyes.

About a month or so later, when I delivered the photos, I couldn’t believe that he was just on the verge of walking.  So glad I captured him when he was still a baby as by the time I saw him again he was a proper little boy.










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  1. Love the be of them together. Great little touch with the hand on his sister’s leg.

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