Event Photography – London

This was a slightly different type of shoot to my usual work; no babies or small children, but teenagers for a change!   The event was an induction day held by a new Academy in central London, for prospective new Year 12 students.

Students were given information about the Academy, what to expect etc, and were split into groups who then participated in a series of ice-breaking exercises.  My job was to document the different activities.  It was great to capture them all interacting with each other, and I love the expressions on their faces; although I was quite surprised at how coy some of them were – most teenagers I know love being photographed! 

We were going to take some shots outside, but the rain put paid to that.  The room itself was very bright though, and the quality of the light was pretty good, so I was still able to shoot without resorting to flash, which I much prefer – everything looks so much more 3-dimensional and softer.














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