Business Headshots Surrey. New Year, New You

As we go into 2013, how’s your business image looking?  Are you happy that your current headshot is a true reflection of how you want to be perceived?

Everything that you project to the outside world says something about how you run your business, and your headshot can build a sense of confidence and trust in you and your brand, when prospective clients visit your website, LinkedIn, facebook or Twitter profile.

I have photographed thousands of business people, from company owners to actors and artists, and I love to use my knowledge of lighting, composition and posing to help create a great image that they can be proud of.  A business headshot doesn’t have to be traditional, if that’s not your style; I do lots of my shoots outdoors on location, which allows me to use a variety of backdrops to create different looks.

If you’ve been considering refreshing your business headshots, but have put off doing so, then why not book a session with me now, so that you can start the year with a fresh new look that’s a true reflection of you and your business?  E-mail me at or call me on 01483 571119 to make a booking.


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