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You may not have thought of yourself as a brand before, but if you run your own business, the way you present yourself online and face-to-face is as much a part of your branding as your logo and your company colours. So your business portrait should contribute in part towards reflecting those values and credentials that are at the heart of what you do. We all like to put a face to a name as it helps build trust and rapport, so when people visit your website or social media page, it’s important to make the right impression from the outset in those critical first few seconds.

A business portrait doesn’t have to be stiff and formal: long gone are the days when people were photographed in a suit at their desk – even the big corporates that I work for are keen that their staff appear personable, approachable and friendly, rather than remote and too serious. And for small and medium-sized businesses in particular, the beauty is that you can pretty much write your own rules about how you wish to appear in front of your audiences and the exact impression that you want to create.

When thinking about booking a business portrait, it’s worth planning ahead and discussing in advance with your photographer exactly what you would like. With my female clients, I always start by asking them about their business and the audiences they wants to connect with. We’ll then chat in detail about how they’d like to be photographed, suitable outfits and hair and makeup, which are very important in lending a polished air to a portrait.  Often, people won’t have thought through in detail all the aspects of the image they want to project and a pre-meeting or discussion is a great way to help crystallise their thoughts and create some focus.

If you’re thinking about updating your business headshots and would like some beautiful, engaging and contemporary images that you’ll be proud to use, then why not drop me a line at or call me on 01483 571119.

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