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The Importance of Having a Professional Headshot for Business

A professional headshot has to accomplish a number of things.   It has to convey character, credibility and authenticity and should be much more than just a “snap”. The subject needs to be dressed appropriately in an outfit that flatters them, positioned and posed properly and, last but not least, the quality of the light needs to be right.

All of which leads me on to the importance of using a professional photographer if you want a good headshot that will do you justice.  The whole process involves so much more than just pointing a camera at someone (no matter how expensive and professional that camera may be.)

A few weeks ago I spent a very enjoyable hour taking some professional business headshots for this lady in Surrey.  I’d photographed her previously and she wanted to update her photos, incorporating some different outfits.  Firstly, we spent some time selecting the clothes and accessories which I thought were most flattering in terms of style and colour.  Helping clients with the styling of their session is just another part of my job which I consider to be essential.  I was really pleased with our choices and I think the colours really flatter her – I particularly love the colours of the scarf.

It was a beautiful autumn morning, and we started off by taking some shots in her garden and then wandered across the road to the beautiful woodland opposite the house. 

By choosing the right clothing, posing her carefully and making sure that she was not placed in any areas of harsh sunlight, we’ve finished up with a series of shots which I think really do her justice.  Here are some of our favourites.



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