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Business Headshot Photography, Guildford, Surrey

Posted on April 15, 2015 by Anna under Business Headshots, Corporate Photography General, Corporate Portraits
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Business Headshot Photography, Guildford, Surrey

Boost Your Business Image. Why a Professional Headshot Matters.

Nowadays, having a good business headshot is a must if you’re to present a credible image to anyone looking to engage your services or buy your products.

And yet it’s surprising to see how many people are still relying on a poor snapshot or a fuzzy holiday photo (where they’ve cropped themselves out of a group shot!) to promote their business on their website and social media.

We all know that first impressions count and that people buy from people, so you owe it to yourself and your business to present the best version of you possible to the world. Plus, it’s always nice to put a face to a name, and I know that when I visit a website, I like to find out about the person behind the business or brand.

So what constitutes a good headshot? Here are some of the criteria which I use when I’m photographing a client:

A Clear View of the Person’s Face. So no profile shots or ones where their face is partly hidden.

Good Lighting. This is one of the areas where many business portraits fall down. Some are taken in rooms lit with artificial light, and have an orangey cast to them: or worse still, if a pop-up flash on the top of the camera has been used, the lighting will be really harsh and unflattering, possibly giving the subject red-eye too, which is distinctly unattractive. Photos taken outdoors also need to be well lit, with nice soft, even lighting – not a mixture of harsh shadows and bright sunlight which do nothing for the subject’s features.

Business headshots Guildford, Surrey

An Uncluttered and Non-distracting Background. If the subject has been placed too close to a busy-looking background, then everything in the shot is going to be competing for the viewer’s attention, and they won’t be able to focus on the person’s face.  The background needs to either be plain or out of focus so that it’s not the first thing people notice.

Business headshots Guildford

A Great Expression. This doesn’t have to mean a big cheesy grin. A relaxed face, with a natural smile and lots of expression in the eyes, will always make for a compelling portrait, and one that the viewer will engage with.




Professional head shot of businessman, Guildford, Surreyi

If you own a business in Guildford and would like some well-lit, meaningful portraits that do you and your business justice, then why not drop me a line at or call me on 01483 571119. And if you work within a larger organisation with lots of staff, then take a look at my corporate photography website at



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