Boudoir Photography – 7 Myths

Boudoir Photography – 7 Myths

Boudoir photography has been around now for a number of years, but a lot of people are still not quite sure what it is or why women choose to book a boudoir shoot. In addition, it’s fair to say that even those women who would like to book will often have some misconceptions about the genre. This might mean that they feel unduly nervous and apprehensive at the prospect when really there’s no reason to.

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So here’s my list of the top 7 myths about boudoir, which I hope will go a good way to reassuring any of you who might be contemplating a session that it really is a fabulous experience, and one which you most definitely will not regret.

Boudoir Myth 1

“You Have to Bare All for the Camera” – This couldn’t be further from the truth. Boudoir photography is a celebration of your body and your femininity. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to show a lot of skin, unless you actually choose to. For me, it’s all about my clients wearing beautiful lingerie, or even something as simple as a big slouchy jumper or a t-shirt. I also light my clients creatively, and will often use light to conceal rather than revealthis is a great way to add mystery and elegance to an image.

boudoir photography Surrey
Boudoir photography doesn’t have to be about baring a lot of skin.

Boudoir Myth 2

“Isn’t Boudoir Photography the Same as Porn?” – Let’s knock this one on the head immediately. Boudoir is not porn. Porn serves a purpose which is nothing to do with boudoir. First and foremost, boudoir is for the woman. It’s purpose is to help her reconnect with her body and to realise and celebrate it’s beauty. It’s about uplifting her spirits and making her feel incredible, not uncomfortable. And while the photographs may be given as a gift to a man (e.g. as a pre-wedding gift for the groom or for an anniversary celebration), it is most definitely something that a woman chooses to do for herself. It’s private and intimate and it’s up to her if she then wants to share the images with someone special.

Boudoir Myth 3

“You Have to Be Really Skinny” – Boudoir photography is not about your dress size; it’s not about dieting or feeling that you’re not the right shape. It’s for all women, and it’s about loving and respecting your body. I don’t want any woman to feel that she’s not good enough to have a boudoir shoot or that she needs to conform to a particular stereotype. Women have curves, and we should be proud of them.

Boudoir Myth 4

“Boudoir Photography is Only for Young Women – I’m too Old” – One of the most popular reasons for women to book a boudoir session is to celebrate a milestone birthday, such as a 40th or a 50th. So don’t think for one moment that there’s an age limit. What better way is there to reaffirm to yourself how beautiful you are?

boudoir photography Surrey
Women often book a boudoir session to celebrate a big birthday in style, such as a 40th or 50th.

Boudoir Myth 5

“You Need to Know How to Pose” – No, you don’t. None of the women I photograph are professional models and therefore, I wouldn’t expect them to know how to pose: it’s not your responsibility. It’s the photographer’s job to direct their clients into the right poses. So rest assured that this is not something that should be of any concern to you – you can leave that side of things to your photographer.

Boudoir Myth 6

“It Will Mean Exposing All the Bits of Me That I Hate” – I know exactly the bits you mean, and no, you won’t end up exposing them. Please understand that we all have them, and that professional boudoir photographers know how to flatter a woman’s body using a mixture of posing and lighting techniques. It just means that you have to trust your photographer.  And if at any stage during your session you feel uncomfortable, then you only have to say so.

boudoir photography surrey
Professional boudoir photography is all about knowing how to flatter a woman’s body.

Boudoir Myth 7

“I Won’t Look as Good as a Professional Model” – I can assure you that you will. The only difference between you and the women you see on the pages of the glossy magazines is that they have access to a whole raft of experts, from stylists to makeup artists and photographers. Well, on the day of your boudoir shoot so do you! Having photographs taken of yourself that you’ll be proud of is just a matter of enlisting the help of experts who can see those things about you which make you unique and beautiful.

If you’ve been contemplating a boudoir session, but may have thought “It’s not for me”, “I’ll do it later” or “I need to lose some weight first”, let me leave you with a couple of quotes from women I’ve photographed.

“I got complete nerves on the day about whether to go or not. I did, and it was the best choice I ever made. What Anna achieved that day was bringing a mum of 4 and a wife back to life and making her feel the way she deserved to feel. I would encourage all women to do this. It does change you, but only for the better. It makes you stronger as a woman through feeling so confident … you truly will love how you look.”

“Anna, there are no words. I have just literally cried with happiness. Thank you so, so much!!!!”

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