Baby Photography Session Guildford Surrey

This little boy was just over 6 weeks old when I photographed him, and so wide awake (check the last picture for proof.)  I don’t think he wanted to miss out on the action; there were some yawns, but he only had a few brief sleepy moments in mum and dad’s arms.   Even the old tried-and-trusted hairdryer in the background didn’t work for long!

I started off by taking some photos in his parents’ bedroom, before we moved into the living-room to create some different looks for the session.  You would think that because babies are so tiny and can’t run away from you that photographing them doesn’t require too much in the way of manoeuvring around bits of furniture etc; not so – at one point I found myself standing on the bed, and in the living-room, I was balanced on the window-ledge and the top of the sofa!  Goodness’ knows what anyone happening to walk past would have thought!

I love his parents’ expressions in these shots – completely genuine, unforced and natural – which is what I’m always striving for.
















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