Makeup Masterclass with Sarah Stacey, Bar des Arts, Guildford, Surrey

 Applying Your Makeup for a Professional Natural Look

“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” Calvin Klein

For every woman who loves makeup there are also lots who are either stuck in a rut with their makeup routine or avoid it because they’re convinced that they’ll end up looking “overdone” or feeling “cakey”.  I’m sure that what women want most of all is for their makeup to look “natural” but better than natural and I would agree – for a wearable look every day, good makeup should enhance your best features and disguise those bits you’re not so keen on, without drawing attention to itself.

So, if this is the holy grail for you, a good makeup artist is worth their weight in gold in terms of showing you how to apply it with an expert hand.  As a photographer I work with some amazing makeup artists; one of them is Sarah Stacey who, last Saturday at Bar des Arts, held a makeup masterclass aimed at older women, to teach them some tips and tricks for applying their makeup for a professional look, caring for different skin types and achieving that polished perfection without looking remotely overdone.

Working with one of the ladies, Sarah went through the different steps from skin-prepping (the most important part) through to the final enhancing of eyes, cheeks and lips.  Lots of questions were asked and advice given on which products to use, how to create different looks and the right colours to choose for different skin tones. It was a fascinating morning and I learned lots too!

So don’t underestimate the difference that using the right makeup can have – the final results on Sarah’s volunteer are, I think you’ll agree, absolutely beautiful.

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