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Actor’s Headshot Photography, Guildford, Surrey

Posted on December 7, 2012 by Anna S Photography under Actors' Headshot Photography
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In my previous post, I mentioned the importance of character and authenticity, when taking someone’s headshot.   Finding the right light is crucial, of course, but without the right expression, it’s difficult to achieve a pleasing and authentic portrait.  To quote Lord Lichfield: “Remember that the person you are photographing is 50% of the portrait and you are the other 50%.  You need the model as much as he or she needs you.  If they don’t want to help you, it will be a very dull picture.”

So as well as styling a shot and lighting it properly, professional photographers have to build up a rapport with their subject that enables them to relax in front of the camera.  This does not  mean that the person has to be smiling the whole time: I always tell people that a genuine expression starts with eyes, rather than the mouth – it’s easy to spot a fake, cheesy smile a mile off!

I took these actor’s headshots in Guildford a few months’ ago for Sam.  We had a great time taking them, as part of a longer portrait session, the first part of which I posted a while back.  As you can see, he was very easy-going and relaxed in front of the camera, and we got some great shots.




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