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Personal Branding Photography – What is it and Should You Use it?

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Personal branding photography is becoming more and more popular as a tool for helping business owners to communicate in a genuine way with their audience.

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, you can use it to tell your customers more about yourself and your business. As a result, they’ll be more likely to engage with your offering. And the more they engage, the better placed they’ll be to make the right buying decisions. Because surely, that’s what we all want as business owners? Customers who understand what we’re about, appreciate our unique skills, and value what we can do for them.

All the images below were taken for business owner, Natalie, for her new wedding stationery design website, which you can see here:

Female graphic designer working outdoors and in light and airy workspace.
It’s Not All About the Headshot.

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Using the Power of Informative Imagery

This type of photography goes beyond the standard headshot; it’s an invitation to your clients to take a closer look at what you do and why you do it. For instance, if you’re a florist, a designer or a coffee shop owner, don’t just use words to tell your customers what you do. Use the power of informative imagery to give them a behind-the-scenes look at how and where you work. And if you make something, why not include some photos of your products too, so people can see exactly what they’re investing in? For example, a beautifully-shot image of some floral decorations, home-baked cakes or a stunning website are powerful ways of enticing people in and helping them connect with you.

Female Graphic Designer Seated at Desk With Colour Charts & Books
Let Your Clients See Behind the Scenes of Your Business

Be a Creative Business Owner

One of the advantages of running your own business is that you have more say over setting your own style. Consequently, you can manage more closely how your business appears to the outside world. And when it comes to the images you use, you don’t have to conform to a corporate identity; you can be as creative as you want.

Here are some examples of businesses where personal branding photography could be used to tell their story and improve customer engagement:

Coffee shops and cafes

Graphic designers

Photographers & videographers


Trainers and coaches

Interior designers

Massage therapists

Fitness instructors

Think about your own business and how it could benefit from some creative and imaginative photography. And if you’d like to have a chat about how personal branding photography could help you, then do feel free to contact me at or on 01483 571119.

Credits: Hair & makeup by Kelly at

Venue: Barnett Hill Hotel, Guildford, Surrey

Booking a Headshot Photographer. 6 Essential Things to Consider.

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Headshot Photographer SurreyBooking a Headshot Photographer. 6 Essential Things to Consider.

When it comes to getting that promotion, winning a pitch, or simply gaining a client’s trust, we all know that you only get one chance to make the right impression. So if you’re planning on hiring a headshot photographer to create some great portraits for your business website, social media or a job application, it’s important to do your homework first. And it’s not as simple as just booking the first person you find on Google!

Finding a headshot photographer is no different from looking for any other type of service provider. After all, we’re used to shopping around for decorators, hairdressers, website designers and accountants.  Make sure you look for someone whose creative vision and style is a good fit for your goals: these might be related to your business or your personal aspirations. So what should you consider when you want to book a photographer to take some headshots for you?

1. Check Their Website First

When people contact me for the first time, I’ll always ask them if they’ve had a look at the examples on my website. Surprisingly, many of them say they haven’t; they’ve just Googled something like “photographers Surrey”, clicked on the link and made a phone call. So for all they know, I could be a wedding photographer or a family portrait photographer! And if they haven’t looked at my work, how do they know whether they’ll like my style or not? Not every photographer’s style is going to be suitable for you, so you need to be prepared to do a little research first.

2. How Are You Going to Use the Images?

Are they for your business website and promotion on social media, for example? In that case, you may want to combine your headshots with other images that convey a little about your personal brand, for example shots of you and your staff “in action.” This will help prospective clients get a feel for your business. If they’re for a job application on the other hand, do they need to be simpler and cleaner in style?  If you can give your photographer an indication of how you’re intending to use your images, it will help them to plan ahead in terms of how they photograph you. It’s also a useful exercise for you as it will make you more aware of the impression you want to convey and will help when it comes to choosing your outfits.

Personal Branding Photographer Surrey

Personal Branding Photography Can Include Shots of You or Your Staff at Work

3. Environmental Portrait or Studio Style?

Studio portraits are generally taken against a plain white or coloured background. This type of portrait tends to be more formal and posed in style.

An environmental portrait will feature a background that gives a clue to the sitter’s surroundings, putting them in a particular context. More often than not, the background will be blurred so that the subject stands out and is the focus of attention. Environmental portraits are often (but not always) shot using natural light, and they are my personal favourite. They can be shot both indoors and outdoors and the mood tends to be more relaxed and spontaneous.

Headshot Photographer Guildford Surrey

Environmental Portraits Taken With Natural Light.

4. Arrange a Meeting – Face-to-Face if Possible

If I can meet my clients first, it really helps both of us to understand exactly how the session should work, what’s required and what the end result should be. It may not always be possible, but I highly recommend that if your photographer suggests a pre-session consultation, that you take advantage of it. Plus, it helps establish some rapport, and if you know who’s going to be photographing you you’re likely to feel more relaxed.

5. Preparation is Essential

If you want the best results, give yourself and the photographer time; don’t leave things to the last minute. I always send out a PDF of styling tips to my clients. This includes important information about how to select the best outfits for your portrait, plus tips on posing (not something that any of us finds easy!) and what to expect on the day. If you’ve planned everything beforehand, it will help you feel much more confident and stress-free.

6. Invest in a Hair & Makeup Artist

If you’re not used to wearing makeup you may think it’s not necessary and you may even feel uncomfortable at the prospect. If you do wear makeup, your first thought might be that you can apply it yourself for your photoshoot. There are two things to bear in mind here: firstly, if skin has been prepped and primed it will reflect light much better than bare skin; secondly, light absorbs a lot of colour, so if you simply apply your makeup as you usually would, chances are it will “disappear” in the photos and hardly show up at all, resulting in a washed out appearance.

Using the services of a professional hair and makeup artist means that not only can you relax for an hour or so beforehand, it also means that they will apply your makeup to enhance your best features and ensure that it does actually show up in the photos. Some women worry that they’ll end up looking “cakey” or “overdone”, but this isn’t the case at all; yes, you will be wearing more makeup than usual, but this is to compensate for the effect that the light has in washing out colours.

If you’ve gone to the time and trouble of booking a headshot photographer, using the services of a hair and makeup artist is just the icing on the cake – it will create a well-groomed and polished appearance that will  leave a positive impression with all your audiences. I work with several very talented and experienced makeup artists who know exactly what’s required.

Hair & makeup by Sarah Stacey

Using the Services of a Professional Hair & Makeup Artist Will Help Create a Polished & Well-Groomed Look.

Interested in booking a headshot or personal branding session with me? Then drop me a line at or give me a call on 01483 571119.

Anna Saverimuttu is a headshot photographer based in Guildford, Surrey.


Personal Branding Portraits for Wedding Photographer, David Weightman

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Personal Branding Portraits for Wedding Photographer, David Weightman

I love doing environmental portraits, although it’s slightly nerve-racking when they’re for another photographer! David had recently had a website redesign and needed some new personal branding portraits for his About Me page.

The images had to work on both mobiles and computers and David wanted something fairly relaxed and informal and not too posed; with this in mind, I scouted some locations ahead of the day so that we’d have a good choice of backgrounds to work with that would also complement the final images. The good thing about Guildford is that there are so many places to choose from, including beautiful tree-lined paths, lovely old brick walls and lots of more urban settings.

The only thing now was to wait for some good weather. We had a couple of dates in mind, but the first one turned out grey and damp, which wouldn’t have worked at all well. As it was late autumn, I really wanted a bright, sunny day (something I usually avoid like the plague!), because I knew that the low light would be perfect for enhancing the colours of the trees. Our second choice was perfect – clear blue skies, but freezing cold too!

We covered about six locations in all and I captured lots of different poses and expressions. David was very patient as I dragged him halfway across Guildford! These are some from his shortlist, and the first shot (which was actually the last one I took) was the one he chose for his About Me page; it’s my favourite too.

If you’d like to see more of David’s amazing documentary-style wedding photography, or if you’d like to book him for your wedding, visit his website here –

And if you’d like to update your own business portraits, then email me at

Personal branding portraits


Personal branding portraits

Personal branding portraits

Personal branding portraits

Personal branding portraits

Personal branding portraits

The Boudoir Shoot – 5 Reasons Why Women Postpone

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5 Reasons Women Postpone Booking Their Boudoir Shoot

5 Reasons Women Postpone Booking Their Boudoir Shoot

Have you ever thought about booking a boudoir shoot and then decided not to at the last minute? Or maybe you’ve actually found a boudoir photographer whose work you love, have contacted them to tentatively agree a date, and then not taken it further? Well, if you have, I can tell you that you’re not alone. And I also understand why you may be hesitating.

A boudoir shoot is, without doubt, a brilliant way to boost your confidence. But it also requires a certain amount of courage to take the plunge. The difficulty is that to experience that feeling of knowing that you really are an amazing woman who looks incredible, you have to do the one thing that scares you in the first place! And sometimes it just feels safer to stay with the status quo. After all, surely you of all people know what you look like with all your perceived “flaws” and “imperfections”? You’ve never yet seen a great photo of yourself, so what reason is there to believe that a boudoir photographer can make you look any different?

Have You Ever Said Any of The Following?

Here are the most common reasons why women put off booking a boudoir shoot, even though they may realise that it will boost their confidence and make them look and feel fabulous.

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1. “I Need to Lose Weight.”

This is, without doubt, the number 1 reason that lots of boudoir shoots are postponed indefinitely, while women await that magical day when they’ve lost x number of pounds. But guess what? You are perfect now. You don’t have to wait, and if you do, you risk letting this amazing opportunity pass you by. If you’re convinced that you can never look great in photos, then read this post.

If you’re worrying that a boudoir shoot will reveal all those bits of yourself that you’re not so keen on, remember that boudoir photographers know how to light and pose women’s bodies with care and expertise. It’s not about getting you to reveal any parts of yourself that you’d prefer to hide; boudoir photography is about enhancing each woman’s individual beauty. And don’t forget that if you’ve only ever seen yourself in a snapshot, you truly have no idea just how beautiful you actually are.

2. “I’m Not a Model and I Don’t Know How to Pose for the Camera.”

Well, why should you? I only photograph real women, not models, and I wouldn’t expect any of them to know how to pose. Let’s get this clear – it is not your responsibility to know how to pose for the camera; it’s your photographer’s job to direct you so that you know exactly what to do and are never left feeling at a loss. When women come to me to be photographed, the last thing I expect when they step in front of my lens is for them to start posing confidently like a model. That’s why professional portrait and boudoir photographers invest in training which teaches them how to pose and light faces and bodies – it’s a real art and not something that happens by accident.

5 Reasons Women Postpone Booking Their Boudoir Shoot

3. “I Don’t Feel Ready Yet – Maybe Next Year.”

Yes, there’s always next year, or the year after that, or the year after that. And you know what? When it gets to next year, you won’t feel any more ready than you do now. Because that’s the secret of procrastination – we put something off and fool ourselves that it’s because we’ll be so much better prepared in 6 or 12 months’ time. But that’s very rarely ever the case. The months roll by and a year later, we still haven’t got any further with our decision.

5 Reasons Women Postpone Booking Their Boudoir Shoot

4. “I Haven’t Got Time Right Now.”

We all lead busy lives and it can feel like a constant battle to fit everything in to our daily schedules. But when was the last time you made time just for you? There’ll always be something that’s clamouring for our time and attention.

5. “I Feel too Nervous.”

The only way to deal with the nervous feeling is to do the thing that scares you. And believe me, once you meet us and are having your hair and makeup done and sipping a cup of tea, the nerves will evaporate. I work with some lovely female hair and makeup artists; not only are they great at what they do, but they are wonderful at making women feel relaxed and comfortable.

5 Reasons Women Postpone Booking Their Boudoir Shoot

Any Nerves Will Evaporate Once You’re Having Your Hair & Makeup Done

If you’re still sitting on the fence but feel that you would love to have this done, then as a first step why not download my free Guide to Boudoir which has answers to many of the questions that women ask? Or you can call me for a no-obligation chat on 01483 571119.

Look Good Feel Better – An Inspiring Video

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The Power of Makeup

If ever there was an argument for the power of makeup as a force for good, then this is it. I’ve written before about why I think it’s wrong to view the use of makeup as frivolous or vain, and that message comes across loud and clear here. The latest video shot for cancer charity, Look Good Feel Better, is so powerful, and yes, it will make you cry. These women are amazing for their bravery and their beauty. To find out more about the work of this wonderful charity, visit their website.

6 Reasons Women Hate Seeing Themselves in Photos

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6 Reasons Women Hate Seeing Themselves in Photos

It’s no secret that most women cringe at the thought of appearing in front of the camera and often hate seeing themselves in photos. I can almost see you nodding your heads in agreement! And they also remain absolutely convinced that they never look good in photos, and that it’s impossible to take a good picture of them (more nods!) I’ve had this conversation with countless women over the years. Yes, there are some men who don’t like being photographed either; generally speaking, though, men don’t seem to feel as uncomfortable and are fairly sanguine about the whole process.

A Question for You

Now, I would like to ask you a question. When you tell me with absolute certainty, “I never look good in photos”, which photos are you talking about exactly? Because in my experience, the majority of you are making a judgement on how you look based on one of the following, which means you’re doing yourself a huge disservice and are most certainly wrong.

1. The Snap

The good old snapshot. Taken at Christmas, birthday parties, holidays and sundry other causes for celebration. And also the number one reason why so many of us hate seeing ourselves in photos.

I love snapshots of happy moments and I think it’s so important to document the important times in our lives. However, a snap is just that; it’s spontaneous and instant and seldom a masterpiece. So tell me, honestly, who ever looked good under dodgy lighting or while caught unawares by the poolside or in a deckchair? Because that’s how most snaps happen. These photos are being taken by our family, friends and colleagues: they’re not going to stand around forever, faffing with getting the light just right and asking us to pose. Even Victoria Beckham recently asked a fan to retake a snap of the two of them because she wasn’t happy with the way she looked; having been photographed so much, she surely knows a thing or two about what bad lighting can do to one’s appearance.

So don’t make a snap judgement about yourself based on how you look in a snap. It may not win any awards, but if it captures a happy moment, then just remember the good times.

6 Reasons Women Hate Seeing Themselves in Photos

A Snap Versus a Proper Portrait

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7 Secrets of How to Look Fabulous in Photos

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2. The Staff Pass

On my first day in a new job, I was made to stand against a wall and have my staff photo taken by the office manager. Nervous and with no time to prepare, I remember blinking like a dazed rabbit in front of the camera. It took about 5 seconds and that one photo (yes, just the one, no retakes allowed) marked my status as an employee. Needless to say, it was hideous and didn’t look like me at all; at least, not the person I recognised as me. It was more like something from a Wanted poster.

3. The Passport Photo

Ah, the dreaded passport photo. It’s not without good reason that people often say “If you look like your passport photo, then you must be ill”. In terms of quality, the passport photo is marginally better than the staff pass photo, but that’s only if you have it done at a high-street studio or photo lab. If you visit one of these, at least you’re being photographed by a human who knows what they’re doing. If you’re in one of those hideous little booths where your disembodied legs are visible to all and sundry, then I’m sorry, it’s not going to be a happy outcome. But whichever option you go for, you’re still not allowed to smile or pose, beyond sitting straight and facing forward; so combined with the flat lighting, your passport photo won’t be brimming over with personality. And the same goes for your driving licence or railcard.

4. The Corporate Headshot

I’ve taken many corporate headshots over the years for big organisations.  The corporate headshot is something that’s imposed on you; you don’t ask to have it done and so you’re going to feel uncomfortable about the whole process. Its purpose is to create a consistent identity by helping visitors put faces to the names of the company’s most important assets – its staff.

Some organisations can be quite creative with their staff headshots, but it depends on the type of industry you’re in. But either way, how you look and dress at work is very different to how you look and dress when you’re out with friends. So don’t use your corporate headshot as a measurement of your attractiveness! And never, ever get your friends or family to choose one for you; they’ll all say it doesn’t look like you which of course, to them, it doesn’t – they’re more used to seeing a completely different version of you, not the one who goes to the office.

5. The Selfie

And so to the selfie. I have only ever attempted to take a selfie a couple of times, but one thing I can say for certain is that they are not flattering. Looking great in photos requires you to be relaxed; and if you’re not used to posing for a photo, it definitely helps to have an expert on the other side of the lens to direct your pose or chat to you, otherwise you’ll just get the inevitable zombie stare.

Taking a selfie also means contorting yourself into an unnatural position which causes tension in your neck and arm muscles, whilst the fact that your arms aren’t long enough creates odd perspective and the wrong camera angle. And don’t think that a selfie stick will help matters greatly.

6. “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”

There are two things to be said about mirrors; firstly, they’re very often placed in areas with hideous lighting – think public loos and changing rooms which are often lit with cruel spotlights in the ceiling that give everyone a ghoul-like appearance. Secondly, when you look at yourself in a mirror your image is in reverse, so seeing yourself in a photo could come as a bit of a surprise. “That’s not how I look!” you think, because your reflection is what you’re more familiar with. And yet it’s how everyone else sees you. It’s a bit similar to hearing your voice on a recording – yes, that’s how we really sound to others.

You Are Far More Beautiful Than You Think

So next time you catch yourself thinking “I look awful in that photo”, just remember that it’s got more to do with the quality of the photo than how you really look. Everyone can look amazing in photos, but they don’t happen by accident.

If you want to look like the best version of yourself possible, it takes planning, preparation and expertise. Please don’t start with a selfie and then expect to be elated with the results. Be kinder to yourself by stacking the odds in your favour a little more! All it takes are good light, good outfits and makeup, colours that suit you and someone to bring out the best expressions and poses.

6 Reasons Women Hate Seeing Themselves in Photos

A Quick Snap & a Beautiful Portrait. See Yourself in a Different Light and Realise That You are More Beautiful Than You Think. Sometimes You Just Need to Trust the Experts.

Click here to download my free guide to How to Look Fabulous in Photos

I help women of all ages look fabulous in photos. Whether you need a business headshot that will help you stand out for the right reasons, or a boudoir shoot to reignite your self-esteem, it’s all possible – you just have to believe in yourself and put your trust in the experts. Email me at or call me on 01483 571119.

Boudoir Photography – 7 Myths

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Boudoir Photography – 7 Myths

Boudoir photography has been around now for a number of years, but a lot of people are still not quite sure what it is or why women choose to book a boudoir shoot. In addition, it’s fair to say that even those women who would like to book will often have some misconceptions about the genre. This might mean that they feel unduly nervous and apprehensive at the prospect when really there’s no reason to.

Download My Free Guide to Boudoir Here.

So here’s my list of the top 7 myths about boudoir, which I hope will go a good way to reassuring any of you who might be contemplating a session that it really is a fabulous experience, and one which you most definitely will not regret.

Boudoir Myth 1

“You Have to Bare All for the Camera” – This couldn’t be further from the truth. Boudoir photography is a celebration of your body and your femininity. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to show a lot of skin, unless you actually choose to. For me, it’s all about my clients wearing beautiful lingerie, or even something as simple as a big slouchy jumper or a t-shirt. I also light my clients creatively, and will often use light to conceal rather than revealthis is a great way to add mystery and elegance to an image.

boudoir photography Surrey

Boudoir photography doesn’t have to be about baring a lot of skin.

Boudoir Myth 2

“Isn’t Boudoir Photography the Same as Porn?” – Let’s knock this one on the head immediately. Boudoir is not porn. Porn serves a purpose which is nothing to do with boudoir. First and foremost, boudoir is for the woman. It’s purpose is to help her reconnect with her body and to realise and celebrate it’s beauty. It’s about uplifting her spirits and making her feel incredible, not uncomfortable. And while the photographs may be given as a gift to a man (e.g. as a pre-wedding gift for the groom or for an anniversary celebration), it is most definitely something that a woman chooses to do for herself. It’s private and intimate and it’s up to her if she then wants to share the images with someone special.

Boudoir Myth 3

“You Have to Be Really Skinny” – Boudoir photography is not about your dress size; it’s not about dieting or feeling that you’re not the right shape. It’s for all women, and it’s about loving and respecting your body. I don’t want any woman to feel that she’s not good enough to have a boudoir shoot or that she needs to conform to a particular stereotype. Women have curves, and we should be proud of them.

Boudoir Myth 4

“Boudoir Photography is Only for Young Women – I’m too Old” – One of the most popular reasons for women to book a boudoir session is to celebrate a milestone birthday, such as a 40th or a 50th. So don’t think for one moment that there’s an age limit. What better way is there to reaffirm to yourself how beautiful you are?

boudoir photography Surrey

Women often book a boudoir session to celebrate a big birthday in style, such as a 40th or 50th.

Boudoir Myth 5

“You Need to Know How to Pose” – No, you don’t. None of the women I photograph are professional models and therefore, I wouldn’t expect them to know how to pose: it’s not your responsibility. It’s the photographer’s job to direct their clients into the right poses. So rest assured that this is not something that should be of any concern to you – you can leave that side of things to your photographer.

Boudoir Myth 6

“It Will Mean Exposing All the Bits of Me That I Hate” – I know exactly the bits you mean, and no, you won’t end up exposing them. Please understand that we all have them, and that professional boudoir photographers know how to flatter a woman’s body using a mixture of posing and lighting techniques. It just means that you have to trust your photographer.  And if at any stage during your session you feel uncomfortable, then you only have to say so.

boudoir photography surrey

Professional boudoir photography is all about knowing how to flatter a woman’s body.

Boudoir Myth 7

“I Won’t Look as Good as a Professional Model” – I can assure you that you will. The only difference between you and the women you see on the pages of the glossy magazines is that they have access to a whole raft of experts, from stylists to makeup artists and photographers. Well, on the day of your boudoir shoot so do you! Having photographs taken of yourself that you’ll be proud of is just a matter of enlisting the help of experts who can see those things about you which make you unique and beautiful.

If you’ve been contemplating a boudoir session, but may have thought “It’s not for me”, “I’ll do it later” or “I need to lose some weight first”, let me leave you with a couple of quotes from women I’ve photographed.

“I got complete nerves on the day about whether to go or not. I did, and it was the best choice I ever made. What Anna achieved that day was bringing a mum of 4 and a wife back to life and making her feel the way she deserved to feel. I would encourage all women to do this. It does change you, but only for the better. It makes you stronger as a woman through feeling so confident … you truly will love how you look.”

“Anna, there are no words. I have just literally cried with happiness. Thank you so, so much!!!!”

To book or just to have a chat, you can call me on 01483 571119 or e-mail

Download My Free Guide to Boudoir Here. It Contains  Answers to all the Most Common Questions That Women Ask, Plus Lots of Tips & Advice.

Visit the boudoir gallery to see more examples of my work.

How to Look Fabulous in Photos – My Free Guide!

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How to Look Fabulous in Photos

7 Tips on How to Be Camera Confident

So, here it is, my free guide to how to look fabulous in photos! Over the past 20 years that I’ve been a professional photographer, I’ve discovered so many things about portraiture. The most important thing I’ve learned though is that a great portrait doesn’t just happen; it involves a certain amount of preparation in order to get the best results.

So many of us assume that if we don’t look fabulous in photos, then it’s somehow our fault, and that we’re not photogenic. We judge ourselves far too harshly as a result. Well, I have news for you – you’re wrong!  The art of looking good in photos is simply a matter of learning a few tips and tricks; you certainly don’t need to be a professional model. And most of these tips will be useful even if you’re having a quick snap taken at an informal get-together!

So, if you’ve ever looked at a photo of yourself and been less than satisfied, then this guide is for you. You can get hold of your copy here.

How to Look Fabulous in Photos - My Free Guide!

Discover How I Help My Clients to Look and Feel Confident in Front of the Camera.

Can One be a Feminist and Enjoy Feeling Feminine?

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Can One be a Feminist and Enjoy Feeling Feminine?

How My Work Fits With Being a Feminist

How does my work photographing women sit with being a feminist? Some might say that encouraging women to have their hair and makeup done and get their photograph taken panders to an outdated notion that requires us to look or dress a certain way and conform to society’s idea of what is normal or acceptable. Others might argue that it’s frivolous and that there are bigger things out there that are more important (and of course there are, although not always).

Boosting Women’s Self-Esteem

I’m not for a moment suggesting that what I do is in some way essential or compulsory for every woman; of course it’s not. What I do believe though is that women’s self-esteem can take a bashing in many different ways – from comparing ourselves to others on social media; feeling that we need to lose weight; berating ourselves about our failure to measure up to self-imposed standards; or simply feeling that we’ve lost ourselves and our identities in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, whether through work, family or other commitments. There’s no end to the ways in which we can undermine our own confidence, not to mention attempts by others to sabotage it.

Therefore, I don’t think that being feminists and wanting to celebrate our femininity are somehow irreconcilable; the two are not mutually exclusive and for me they don’t sit at opposite ends of a spectrum defining what it means to be a woman. Being a feminist shouldn’t be about having to renounce anything that makes us feel better about ourselves. If applying makeup and having our hair done help to boost our self-esteem, give us confidence to face the world or just help us appreciate our own beauty, then surely, these are all things to celebrate.

Can one be a feminist and enjoy feeling feminine? Portrait of beautiful older woman.

I love helping women to see their true beauty, reflected through my lens. Hair & makeup by Styling by

Things Women Say to Me

I’ve heard so many self-deprecatory comments from women over the years; things like “I hate seeing myself in photos”, “I feel invisible”, “I have low self-esteem”, “I hate my smile” or “I need to lose weight.”  And what I know is that when I take a portrait of a woman that shows her how beautiful she looks through my eyes, then I certainly don’t feel that I’ve compromised her intelligence or her abilities in any way or somehow diminished her stature.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – “We Shouldn’t Moralize Makeup.”

The writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaks about this very compellingly and with a great deal of clarity and commonsense: she says “At some point I started to realize that there was something very wrong with the idea that if you’re a woman and you’re interested in things that are traditionally feminine, then somehow it means that you can’t possibly be serious, or feminist, or intellectual…. And realizing that the basis of that idea comes from maleness as the norm [in our society], so then of course everything that’s traditionally feminine becomes suspect.” You can read the full interview on Why You Can Be a Feminist and Love Makeup here.

Writer & Speaker, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Credit – Ms Magazine.



Happy Mother’s Day

Posted on March 24, 2017 by Anna under Women's Portraiture
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Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all mums a Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday!

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day (or, indeed, any other special day) than by booking a mother and daughter photo shoot? This mum and her daughter actually had their session on mum’s birthday and so it was an extra special treat.

A Morning of Gorgeous Hair, Makeup and Photography for Two

My makeup artist, Marijelle Moreno created the perfect look for both ladies before they stepped in front of the camera. They’d brought along a huge selection of different outfits, jewellery and accessories in both formal and casual styles. It really was a fun way to spend a morning and they loved their images, some of which were a surprise birthday present for dad!

Celebrating Your Special Relationship

Special occasion or not though, a mother and daughter photo shoot is a lovely way in which to celebrate your relationship and capture some precious moments for posterity. It’s very relaxed and you don’t have to worry about how to pose or whether you should smile or not – it’s all taken care of.

Once you’ve made a booking, we’ll have a pre-session consultation so that we can find out a bit more about each other and you can tell me how you’d like to be photographed. I also send out a detailed tip sheet beforehand which contains lots of advice on preparing for your session, the type of outfits that work well in photographs etc.

Plus, because I use natural light only, there are no hot or intimidating studio lights or bright flashes going off; it’s important to me that you feel totally relaxed and comfortable throughout your session.

If you would like to book a session for yourself and your mother or daughter, then drop me a line at or pick up the phone for a chat on 01483 571119. I would love to photograph you both.

Happy Mother's Day. Natural light portrait of mother and grownup daughter smiling by Anna Saverimuttu Photography.

Happy Mother’s Day! From a beautiful mother and daughter shoot last summer. Hair & makeup by Marijelle Moreno.